I'm Lex

I'm Alexis, the founder, owner, and photographer of Lex + Wolf Photography. I started photography at a young age when I found an old poloriod camera at a Goodwill. I have always loved the idea of freezing moments and being able to physically hold memories. 

I am a single mother of 2 little crazy kids. I enjoy hikes, pizza, and Netflix. I am a tiny photographer so you will often see me with my camera and a ladder. I also climb trees, and scale buildings to get the perfect angle. True story! I absolutely love people in love and people who love. It's what my photography passion is based on, what it grows from.

I specialize in self love and intimate portraits with a magical flare. I love capturing what's real. I avoid posing and encourage interaction and playing. I want to see crows feet as a genuine smile appears. I want to get the redness of cheeks as jokes are whispered into ears and the love in couple's eyes.

I focus on nude love, family, life. Why? When we strip down, we open up. We share our truest stories. We tell our deepest tales. It is our foundation. This is what we hold closest and dearest. In 45 years are we going to want to look back at rigid posing and awkward smiles, or do we want to see real happiness, the real joy and the real lives that have been lived. The real love in my portraits are what you will want to look back at. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, let me tell your story.