How To Shake Your Boudie!

"I wish I had the confidence to book a boudior session"

"I will book one after I lose this baby weight!"

"I'm too fat for this type of session"

No! Stop shaming yourself out of the things you want to do. Confidence comes with the session, as I pose you, tell jokes, enjoy a mimosa or two, your confidence will boost. Then when you recieve those final images, you will look at yourself in awe! Your new quote will be, "Oh my lanta, is this hot babe actually me??" Yes, yes it is! Boudior is about self acceptance and self love.

While, yes, the right photographer means alot in every session, it's YOU who is the gorgeous woman in front of the lens. You are the shining beauty and it's time you see that.

I'm going to give you a few pointers and a bit of what to expect at one of my boudior sessions. Maybe it will help you decide.

Let's start with the What To Expect:

1. It will feel odd, AT FIRST! However, it is my job to make you as comfortable as possible. I will have snacks, and always the optional mimosa, the fun and comfort level just gets higher and higher.

2. I will help pose position you for optimal lighting and to discover your best angles. It is important that you trust me during this process, I swear I know what I'm doing. We can work together on this.

3. You don't HAVE to be in your undies or even naked for your images. I have taken a few images off clients fully clothed, I do say this loosely, they weren't in jeans and a boyfriend tee or anything, but they weren't showing all of the assests either. (See what I did there?) We work based on YOUR comfort level and what you're hoping to achieve from these images. If you want to be butt naked, girl, take it off! If you want sexy chonies and matching bra set, rock it! If you want an over-sized sweater and knee highs, we will work with that too! This is about YOU.

4. I have a female make up artist and hairstylist. These two are very important members of the team! They will help you feel beautiful and sexy before the camera even comes out. We do go for a more natural look so everything flows with the moody yet airy tone I photograph with.

That's a bit of what to expect when you're on location and ready to get the session started. There are also some things to do before the session date arrives!

How To Prepare:

1. If you want to keep this less au natuale, totally up to you, judgment free enviorment here, you would want to shave or wax at least 2 days prior to you session. That gives your lady bits time to heal and less red.

2. Before you arrive, as you're doing your final freshen up, please use clear deodorant. I feel like this one is self explainatory.

3. Wear loose fitting clothing on top of the sexy number you'll be photographed in as to avoid any red line marks or indentaions to your skin.

4. Eat a light meal before arriving. (I provide light snacks at my sessions). No body wants to go into their session feeling bloated. Even if you don't LOOK bloated, it's hard to feel sexy when you FEEL bloated.

5. Watch a little America's Next Top Model! Practice faces in the mirror. Learn how to "smize" those eyes.

Let loose, have fun, and most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF. Only then, can you shake your boudie.

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