FaceTime Photoshoot Is The Newest COVID-19 Trend

Updated: Apr 24

Like so many during this time, I found myself in an anxious wake when I was told I couldn't work. Photography isn't considered as essential, it's a luxury. But it's also my life. More than just as work, it's my medication, it's my release, it's my peace.

It's also great for the (mainly) women I photograph. They carve out time for themselves in a world that ordinarily holds little space for them, to get dolled up, the get dressed, to see how beautiful they are. Something I no longer was able to do.

Then I saw a photographer in one of my groups on Facebook post about FaceTime sessions. I knew I had to try it! It quickly picked up momentum! Last year, in 2019, I traveled the country to support women and pursue my dream. This year, I'm traveling the WORLD without leaving my living room.

I do these sessions as a "pay as you can" starting at $25 and the generosity from my new clients has been overwhelming. Something I wanted to try just to keep the creativity going, to give people a reason to smile and get up that day, has turned into such an amazing thing for my family. I'm taking these bookings during this pandemic! Take a look at some of my favorite shots!

It's been a world of fun and I can't wait to see what other magic I can make with this! To book yours, click here!

xoxo, Lex

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